Lucy Gray

Lucy is a 12-year-old climate activist and songwriter.

She found her passion in climate action in 2017 and started a climate action group in her school, encouraging young people to come along and learn about climate change.

When the international school strikes reached New Zealand, Lucy saw that were strikes registered all across NZ, but none in Christchurch, so she decided to lead the Christchurch strike; she also founded the ChCh School Strike for Climate (SS4C) group and is now also a co-convenor of the national School Strike for Climate NZ team, a group created by students, for students, to plan and run strikes, and to urge the government to act urgently on climate change.

The first strike was held on 15 March, 2019, and all across the world there were young people standing up and speaking out about climate change. This was followed by a second strike on 24 May.

Despite some politicians complaining that, “This strike won’t make a difference,” and some people’s view that “there is no solution to climate change,” Lucy and her team are not dissuaded and will continue to fight for their future. She has found a place to stand - speaking out and rising up about climate change, so that the government can and will safeguard our future.

Lucy has another passion—music. She wrote a song about changing the way we act, and standing up for what is right, called ‘Rise Up’, which she has performed and the strike and other future focused events, like National Young Leaders Day and Festival for the Future.