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Kotte Aguilar

Kotte saw a gap in the yoga industry that inspired her to make change by founding Yoga By Kotte. She has had great success in her work to de-commercialize the yoga industry and her business has run as a social enterprise since 2014.

Kotte works with multiple organisations within Christchurch, nationally, and globally and was the first yoga teacher to win an award in the Exercise Industry awards. Earlier in the year she attended the Accessible Yoga conference in Canada, learning new ways to support communities that, in her eyes, need yoga but may not have access.

Kotte recently taught yoga to more than 1400 delegates from 85 countries at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 in Scotland.

Apart from teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Kotte is a public speaker, mentor and coach to many. She spoke at TEDxYouth@AvonRiver in 2015.